Total Recalls Making Recall and production payments easy

Total Recalls Ltd making recall and production payments easy

Recall Fees

Are you fed up of doing a million POs for recall fees? Are you sick of chasing the invoices or getting invoices sent after a job is closed? Well we are here to help make the recall process easier. Instead of 50 individual invoices how about just 1 from us and we will manage the rest. 

Location Talent 

Have you ever had 100 local extras without agents on a shoot, they all need to invoice you for day fees ? That's multiple new POs and supplier forms . How about 1 invoice instead of 100...


Total Recalls ltd 

We've been working in the industry for over 20 years and understand the frustration advertising agencies and production companies have arranging PO numbers, new supplier forms, small production and recall payments. For a small agreed Admin fee we will take this hassle away please contact us today for a quote, we are always happy to help.